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Dark & Dawn

Dark & Dawn

The Dreamcatcher Project is a new medical study that allows individuals known as Dreamers, with PTSD and frequent nightmares related to trauma, depression, and anxiety, to be paired with trained individuals known as Keepers. Keepers are tasked with viewing the nightmares of their Dreamers as collected on an Element, an electronic device that allows images and experiences of the mind to be observed. With their years of studying and experience, Keepers work with their Dreamers to help them overcome the emotional and psychological trauma that accompanies their nightmares.

16-year-old Aydria Warner has long shown promise in her years of training as a Keeper, specifically in her skills of relating to those her age and encouraging them in their problem-solving. But when her assignment meeting comes, everyone is surprised to see who she has been paired with: Caden Brooks, a teenager who went missing almost two years before, and is presumed dead.

From his file, Aydria learns that Caden has spent most of his young life dealing with crippling anxiety and near-constant nightmares of the abuse he suffered during his complicated time through the foster care system. He is the ideal candidate for Aydria to test her skills as a Keeper–so, believing in the chance that he may still be out there, she sets out to find him herself.

As she begins to unravel the many pieces of Caden’s life, Aydria also starts to see the different parts of herself. Though she has always placed the highest value on everything she’s learned, she begins to wonder what she may have been missing all this time.


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