“Softly As I Leave You”: The Presley White Collection, Conclusion.

A year passed, wandering into the next Christmas. Everyone moved through their lives, time leaving nothing untouched among them. Reed and Carissa went to the same college in Indiana. They lived across the hall from each other in a co-ed dorm, Carissa with a new friend in the art department, and Reed with his new... Continue Reading →

“Sleeping Through the End of the World, Part II”: The Presley White Collection, Story #13

I follow Alex out to the woods, deep into the trees and the settling darkness. He doesn’t turn around once, barely even checks his surroundings as he wanders the grounds of the state park. He’s not thinking clearly. He doesn’t understand himself or where he’s going. That much is painfully clear to me. Some switch... Continue Reading →

“Sleeping Through the End of the World, Part I”: The Presley White Collection, Story #12

I follow Alex following Bridget, our footsteps seeming to fall into a hard rhythm. I can’t see their faces, but it’s like I can feel the energy coming off of them: Bridget, distraught and inexplicably hurt, and Alex, scared and oddly determined. I don’t know what the end result is here, but it feels important,... Continue Reading →

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