WIP Intro: Dark & Dawn

I am so excited to share this post with you, so I am not going to waste any time!

Today, I am going to introduce you to my current WIP, Dark & Dawn, including the inspiration behind it, its brief history, a basic overview of the story, and my goals and plans for it.

The Idea The idea for this story actually originated as a response to a short writing prompt I discovered online earlier in 2017. I put my own little spin on it, and I came up with a basic synopsis to work with. I actually ended up setting it aside for quite awhile, but once NaNoWriMo rolled around, I decided to give it a try and see what I could come up with. Turns out, I could come up with a lot… 😉

The History So I started writing the story during NaNoWriMo, and unlike NaNo 2016, I was feeling so confident and excited about this story. I found myself falling in love with the characters the more I wrote about them. The story was just running through my head, all these new ideas somehow finding their perfect place in the draft. Since NaNo, I’ve unsurprisingly made a lot of changes, but getting the first draft on paper felt so awesome. It was such a good foundation, and now I’m ready to stay with it and take it to new heights.

The Plan Currently, I am working on a full rewrite of the novel, basically getting a solid second draft out. As mentioned, I’ve made a lot of changes and gotten to know the characters much better, and I’m excited to be diving into the story again and making it the best it can be. Once the rewrite is finished (hopefully by mid-March), I plan to connect with some friends–both online and in-person–to get some fresh eyes on the story. Otherwise, later on in the year, I’ll be looking to start editing, querying, the whole shebang! I’m still new to this whole process–especially since this is the first time I’ve actually finished a full, solid draft of a novel!–so I’m excited to do the research and get the work done.

The Story There is a full synopsis up on the My Novel page up top, but basically, this story is about the effect of dreams, learning about what you want and who you are, and the relationships between people. Aydria and Caden are two young people paired together, and it turns out they need each other a lot more than they can imagine. What I am most excited about in this story is exploring a young relationship that is not romantic. I love male-female relationships that do not have to do with romance, and I am so excited for you to see the connection between Aydria and Caden.

I want to leave this somewhat open-ended because I want to be able to share updates with you as I go through the rewrite. I am so happy with where this story is going, and I know this is the one I want to share with the world someday–and I’m confident I’ll get there.

I hope you enjoyed this little intro to Dark & Dawn, and I hope you’ll join me on the writing journey!


What are you currently working on? Let me know all about your WIP here on the site or on my social media pages. I’d love to cheer you on in your novels/stories!






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  1. Hello Chels. Congrats on finding an idea. I also have an idea in mind. It’s a YA, coming of age romance..I haven’t begun to write the story, because I’m still going over plans, how to write etc, yet the idea has me excited. Best of luck to you and if you need any CP’s in the future I’ll gladly help out.


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